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It's always free to see what's going on with your device or computer.



Most repairs can be completed with 20 minutes while you wait.



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Quality replacement parts installed by professional technicians.

about us

iDoktorFixit is located in Kissimmee, Florida, near Disney and just south of Orlando. We Speak both English & Spanish. We have been saving your electronics from the recycling bin for more than 6 years now. Saved over 10,000 devices while saving you money at the same time. From iPhone repairs, iPods, iPads, tablets, game console and computer repairs, we have quickly and proudly brought them back to life. As a certified technician, I believe there is never a reason to give up hope that your device cannot be saved. No matter the condition, have faith and call iDoktorFixit for the best service. All my work is 100% guaranteed & most repairs can be fixed while you wait in less than 20 minutes. Call Today! 407-883-2117.

repair service Done Right!

We can fix all cell phones, computers, laptops, and game consoles you break or drop in water. We are affordable and quick. Call today or just bring your broken device in for repair today! 407-883-2117



Dont let amutures out there tell you that your phone is gone, dead, unsalvageable, because of some problem they don't know how to fix. At iDoktorFixIt, we do magic. Take your "dead" device to us for a second option, you might be surprised.

iDevices Repair

iDevices Repair

You bring us your iPhone, iPad or iPod and we provide you with a free estimate for the neccessary repairs. We then provide you with a quality replacement part installed by one of our professional technicians. Most repairs can be completed with 20 minutes while you wait.

Andorid Devices Repair

Andorid Devices Repair

You bring us your Phone or Tablet and we provide you with a free estimate for the neccessary repairs. We then provide you with a quality replacement part installed by one of our professional technicians. Most repairs can be completed with 20 minutes while you wait.

Carrier Unlock Service

Carrier Unlock Service

Don't you want to take your phone places? Your cellphone company thinks otherwise. That's something we can also help. Free your phones from any carrier company so you truely own your phone that you've paid for. Take your phone places with you.

Computer Serivce

Computer Serivce

Wide ranged of services are provided here in our shop or at your office/home. Our technicians are experienced, well-trained and certified to handle anything that could've happened to your home pc or your company's server. From viurs infection to disaster recovery, nothing is too small, or too big for us.

Console Repair

Console Repair

A wise man once said: "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing". We all want to stay young forever, but our game console will eventually break on us. The companies would only offer so much time for the warranty. Luckly, We are here to resurrect your broken game consoles that would otherwise ended up in landfill.


These are the answers to questions we frequently get over the first time caller.

Q: How do I find you?

A: Most of our customer found us in Google by search 'fix broken iphone screen', 'phone repair near me' and simply, 'cell phone reapir'.

Q: Are the Repair Technicians at iDoktorFixit able to repair a water damaged phone?

A: There is a high success rate in iDoktorFixit technicians being able to restore electronic devices that have suffered water damage. A water damaged phone should be brought in to be repaired as soon as possible after the damage occurs.

Q: If I really need my item repaired as quickly as possible, how can I be sure your mail-in services are fast enough?

A: Typically most mail-in repairs are completed within 48 hours. If you need your item sent back in a faster manner than regular mail services, let our staff know and we will be able to send your item back to you by priority shipping, charges will apply accordingly.

Q: Am I expected to pay for the repair before or is payment due upon receipt?

A: Since every kind of repair we perform is different, payment is due upon receipt.

Q: Can iDoktorFixit backup data on my device?

A: Yes! If you want to backup data stored on your device, you have come to the right place! iDoktorFixit technicians are fully capable of backing up date to ensure you don’t lose any of it.

Q: Can iDoktorFixit technicians only repair cell phones or can they repair other electronic devices as well?

A: At iDoktorFixit, we repair cell phones on a daily basis. However, we are fully able to handle all kinds of electronic repairs including tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and gaming systems. We specialize in iPad, iPod, iiDoktorFixit, Xbox & PlayStation Repairs.

Q: How much am I expected to pay for shipping when I choose to mail-in my device?

A: Customers are abel to pick the shipping method of their choice. Customers are encouraged to use a shipping method that include both insurance and a tracking number. If customers want their electronic device rushed back to they they have the option to pay the additional amount.

Q: If I currently have warranty protection on my device, will any repairs you do make my warranty void?

A: When your item becomes damaged, your warranty protection becomes void.

Q: My toddler dropped my phone in the toilet. What do I do?

A: Remove the battery if possible, or turn off the phone if not already off immediately. Bring your liquid damaged item to iDoktorFixit and we will gladly take over from there!

Q: What does the repair price estimate include? Does it include just the labor?

A: The repair price estimate we give you includes parts and labor.

Q: Will my repair cause data loss on my device?

A: Sometimes certain damage your electronic device receives may cause data loss, but nothing that IiDoktorFixit technicians do will cause loss of data.

If your question is not anwsered here. Please don't hesitate to call 407-883-2117


Kind words from our customers

Farrell Waitkus, Aug 22, 2018

WOW! These reviews are 100% the truth! Went in to get my charging port replaced on my iPhone. I dropped off my phone and left to go to the gas station across the street and it was installed and working perfectly by the time I got back!! Super friendly, great price, and fast quality work! An unbeatable combination. Thank you so much and I would highly recommend for any tech fix needs!

Linda Rivera, Aug 15, 2018

The repair place i go its excellent services and excellent person repair my cellular phone faster and very good price i recommended to everybody.....

Liz Polo-Duque, Jul 30, 2018

If you have any issues with your phone, you have to look no further. Carlos and his staff are AMAZING AND TRUSTWORTHY. I have brought my phone and my kids phone for multiple issues and he has solved and fixed them all. The prices are GREAT!!!!

Tiffany Willms, Jul 13, 2018

Came to get charging port repaired on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge! Best prices around... also very quick and friendly.. need a repair give them a call you won’t be sorry!!!!

Heather Wyant, Jun 3, 2018

I'm not sure why my other post isn't here... but I would give 100 stars if I could. Mr.Carlos is a life saver. He went above and beyond to not only solve my problems but to explain everything that was going on in terms I could understand. Absolutely awesome service and I will definitely return and urge anyone else to do so. And I would like to add that the prices were very affordable.

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